Here comes the State Fair!

Yay! Our homeschool tickets have arrived and I was surprised to see that student tickets are now usable any day of the week, Monday through Friday.  I love the State Fair, especially when we get in for free and can go during the day and beat the crowds.  Our favorite day to go is on Thursday because many of the vendors offer food discounts or sell mini-versions and seniors get in for free so the grandparents can join us.  If you missed out on your free homeschool tickets or want to know additional discount opportunities the link below will help!

2017 State Fair of Texas Ticket Discounts

Also, did you know the State Fair has curriculum for teachers to use for grades K-12 and covers a variety of interests and topics?  If you would like to make your visit more educational, you can find the lesson here…

State Fair of Texas TEKS-Aligned Curriculum



Calling all student scientists!

NASA needs your help! They are looking for students and citizen scientists to help gather information for the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st. There’s an app you download that will take you through the steps. What a great way to teach hands on science!  Check out this link for more information!



~ Christina

You’re invited to a Back 2 School Bash!

There’s an awesome Back 2 School Bash coming up August 18th from 10am-2pm.  Lots of vendors, events, speakers, and more.  Space is limited, so register your family in advance!


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~ Christina

Well hello…

Here it is at the end of June and I don’t think I have even had a moment to recover from this past school year.  As you know we don’t “officially” school in the summer, but spend time trying new things through camps, road trips, or some days just a hike.  But I tell ya, I haven’t even looked into my crystal ball to see what’s coming for August and that is SO unlike me.  I’m one of those that have the texts for the coming year picked out by April and by now normally have at least the first month planned, but this year (7th grade) was tough y’all.  It wasn’t just some of the academics were tough, but dealing with a middle schooler who oozes across the counter top when I mentioned the term “math”, or did everything but what needed to get done. Sigh. I’ve heard the stories about teens and maybe somewhere deep inside I thought I might escape that truth, but someone is laughing somewhere if they watched my reality show this school year.  In retrospect, I know where it could have gone better and been done differently, and believe me I am already making plans to correct that this coming year, but what I don’t know is when I am not going to feel so tired from it!  Do anyone of you homeschool but feel like you’re never home?  Yea, like that.

So here I sit, finding strength in my coffee, trying to get back on track and figure out which part of the mountain I start climbing first.  For those of you beginning the middle school years, the most unsolicited advice I can give you is to allow yourself extra time to finish assignments.  The work takes longer to process and some days the tantrums are reminiscent of a toddler (I say that lovingly).  There’s a lot of emotion here and not just from having to do schoolwork.  So I wish you the strength of a village and to keep in mind there are survivors that have come before us 🙂

Happy summer!



Summer Reading Kick Off Event

Hi everyone!

5 area libraries and BISD are hosting a huge summer reading kick off event Saturday, June 3rd from 10am-1pm at the Birdville Fine Arts/Athletic Center.  The event is free and will have an animal petting zoo, free books for children (while supplies last), a big vehicle exploration zone, a giant slide, an obstacle, plus arts and crafts and more!  For information, you can call 817-427-6818.