Happy New Year!

It’s that time to ramp up for school again.  We’ve enjoyed our long break off but it’s time to get back to it!  Some people started back last week, but I love to use that extra quiet time to get things organized, take down décor, let the kiddo enjoy those Christmas/Birthday gifts just a little longer.  While our out-of-home classes started up, I didn’t start our in home classes until yesterday.  Though my daughter protested (what’s new?) I started off our day with a lesson that combined equivalent fractions, with the study of earth’s layers and a discussion of plate tectonics.  All of this led to our earth layered cupcakes, which oozed during cooking, which led way to a discussion on volcanic activity.  So much accomplished and it was really fun.  Here a pic of how we did it.

  1. Start with a box of white cake mix and make according to directions.
  2. We used 5 colors (I bought the icing color mixes at JoAnne’s) and I had these nifty egg dye cups from Easter that we divided the batter into.  It helped us remember the colors we were after.
  3. After mixing the colors into the batter, we layered each color into our muffin cups and baked according to the box directions. We managed 9 cupcakes from the mixes, but had we filled the cups with less could’ve gotten them all.

Hope your first week back is great! ~ Christina