About Me

In my former life, I was a public school elementary teacher.  I have taught grades 2-5, and even braved a few middle school episodes.  I have a Master’s degree in Education, specifically Reading Education.  I was also an adjunct professor in the Reading Department at Texas Woman’s University.  Currently, I am a crazy homeschool mom (I say that lovingly because it keeps me sane).  We are entering our 5th homeschool year and I have to admit it has been such an amazing journey.  I’ve created this blog because so many of us are looking for a resource hub that encompasses both secular and non-secular resources.  I find myself in the middle of the road in regards to that aspect, and for those of you who want as much information as you can get to form your own opinions, I hope you will find quite a bit of it here.

Happy homeschooling – Christina