Here comes the State Fair!

Yay! Our homeschool tickets have arrived and I was surprised to see that student tickets are now usable any day of the week, Monday through Friday.  I love the State Fair, especially when we get in for free and can go during the day and beat the crowds.  Our favorite day to go is on Thursday because many of the vendors offer food discounts or sell mini-versions and seniors get in for free so the grandparents can join us.  If you missed out on your free homeschool tickets or want to know additional discount opportunities the link below will help!

2017 State Fair of Texas Ticket Discounts

Also, did you know the State Fair has curriculum for teachers to use for grades K-12 and covers a variety of interests and topics?  If you would like to make your visit more educational, you can find the lesson here…

State Fair of Texas TEKS-Aligned Curriculum



Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center Homeschool Days

The Audubon is hosting homeschool days on March 22, April 25, or May 12 from 10am-1:30pm.  These educational days are geared toward homeschool groups and families as well as smaller schools (such as charter and private schools) that are unable to meet our minimum requirement of 25 students for field trips.

This is an environmental field trip focused on the natural world and features a guided nature hike, special activities and an opportunity to learn with others in the great outdoors. Students will experience hands-on exploration and learning in nature guided by dedicated educators.

Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to allow for time to check-in.

A lunch break is provided at our picnic tables in Nature Play. Please pack a lunch and dress for the outdoors. In the case of inclement weather, lunch and activities will be moved indoors.

Kids ages 3 and up are $10 each. Adults and children ages 2 and under are free.

Prepayment required at least 5 days before program date.

For registration info, please visit

Medieval Times

Are you studying the medieval historical period? Did you know your homeschooler can attend any of the Medieval Times educational matinee shows, no minimum group required?!  Their website offers lesson plans too.  For times, show dates, and details check out…






Teaching with movies

Looking for free curriculum?  Check out the Homeschool Movie Club.  They have put together free curriculum for the upcoming A Dog’s Purpose (as well as offering other movie lessons). Homeschool movie theater day is coming January 27th and a day our community set records with viewing A Dolphin’s Tale.  What a great way to continue to make our presence known and show them how much fun school can be!

For more information, visit

Happy Homeschooling!



Happy April…Already!!

March flew by that’s for sure and now we are entering the “What’s the Plan for Next Year” mode.  In our house we take homeschooling year by year, evaluate what’s working, and figure out how to revamp what is not.  Oh, and it’s the time of year all the groups I am in become swamped with hundreds of “for sale” adds overwhelming me with the massive variety of curriculum and texts out there.  Which for a few brief seconds make me panic and wonder “am I doing enough?”  Do you ever have that problem?  My first stopping point is because I really love how they show you their suggested texts for each grade level.  This is the site where I discovered my all time favorite math curriculum, Teaching Textbooks (non-secular, very interactive, grades it for you) and my favorite history books America the Beautiful (secular, great reading, great activities for each chapter) amongst so many others.  I also pick up my science kits and other things like puzzles here. I don’t usually do the bundles but they are probably some of the best ones I’ve seen out there. So I can say we are ahead of the curve as I have already picked out what I wanted for my soon to be 7th grader and headed over to Amazon to fill in the other areas I think are needed. We are taking on few extra classes next year outside of the home in addition to choir and PE so next year should be interesting to say the least!   Now, I find myself staring out the pile trying to find encouragement to tackle what’s inside them which is exactly why we take the summer off to reboot and refresh.  Bless those who teach non-stop!

Do you have any favorite, go-to sites when you are looking in to your crystal ball for the year to come?  Share them here if so… 🙂