Do you like spiders?

Well, I don’t.  BUT when given an opportunity to see a rare occurrence, known as a “communal web” built by thousands of spiders not to far down the road you have to see it, right?  I packed up the car, woke my kiddo up early, and headed that way. It’s about a 40 minute drive from Ft. Worth but I got the privilege of experiencing toll roads I only see on the news 🙂  I will say we had an architectural lesson once we hit the
original lake bridge that takes you to the park.  It’s not one of the fancy high-rise bridges, so we got to discuss why we change the bridges over time.  As most webs do, they fill with debris over time and this one is weighted down towards the front with an unbelievable amount of small flying insects.  Which means, it won’t be here forever.  If you would like to venture out, you can find this unique experience at Rowlett’s Lakeside Park South off of C A Roan drive.  It’s a beautiful lake side park, so take a picnic.

To see the news coverage, check out WFAA news story

Here’s a few, not professional pictures I took!

DSC_0130 copy DSC_0127 copyDSC_0128 copy

Summertime blues

Whew! I swear the summer just started a few weeks ago and I feel like I have looked up only to find it’s time to work out our fall schedule, make sure I have the details about upcoming field trips, and get registered for any classes we might need, and on and on! We do not school year round like some of you brave souls. But our summer is full of camps. This year we participated in a Jr. Lifeguard class, a Girl Scout Camp, and College for Kids at TCC (which is typically 3 weeks of academic classes that she self-selected but doesn’t realize it’s “school”). While we have a few parent/student class meetings to attend a littler earlier than we start, we will be officially kicking off 6th grade August 31st.  Are you guys ready?! I wonder, when you begin a new year what do you do to celebrate?


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