Calling all student scientists!

NASA needs your help! They are looking for students and citizen scientists to help gather information for the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st. There’s an app you download that will take you through the steps. What a great way to teach hands on science!  Check out this link for more information!



~ Christina

Discount Days at the Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum, September 2nd-5th, is offering $5 admission which includes the Rory Meyers Children’s Garden.  They will be selling $2 hot dogs and root beer floats.  You can save parking by purchasing online.  If the weather stays this cool this would be a great field trip!

For more info, here’s the link –


Happy Cool Front!



Free Texas Parks & Wildlife Lesson Plans

I happen to really love Texas Parks, well all state parks in general.  We’re one of those families that when we are on the road we try to visit as many as we can.  Aside from the great Junior Ranger programs the parks offer, Texas Parks offers a wide variety of free lesson plans, printables, etc. for all grade levels.  I will say it does take a bit of browsing since there are so many, but what another great way to get out of the house!  When you look at this link, also notice the “Keep Texas Wild Lesson Plans” link on the website for even more lessons.

Here’s the link!


Happy Homeschooling!

~ Christina

Fort Worth Zoo Homeschool Classes

Good morning everyone!  It’s August and it’s way too hot for me.  Have you started back to school?  We begin in a few weeks and I am just about finished with our schedule for this coming year.  Have I mentioned 7th grade math is not my strong point?!  Speaking of classes, if you’ve never checked out the Fort Worth Zoo, they offer homeschool classes for ages 5-18.  The younger students can take an animal/science based class once a month which includes admission to the zoo after, the older students can continue to take classes or apply to be a Volunteen (an aide in the preschool class for the year and this is something we do), and high school students can enroll and earn the required 60 hours of science time needed for their transcripts here as well.  We have been very pleased with the programs and I just thought I’d share!


Want to learn more about homeschooling?

Happy summer!  I can’t believe it’s already July and I already feel so far behind 🙂  Tomorrow (7/7/16) is a great opportunity to learn more about homeschooling or just learn more about the groups and things to do that are offered in your area.  The Center for Home Education is having an open house tomorrow and the opportunity to check out the campus, meet the teachers, and learn about the fun things that go on there is happening.   If you aren’t familiar with the Center, they offer classes K-12, and extra curricular things like theatre, cooking, music, etc. in a college campus type setting. The ribbon cutting ceremony starts at 10:30, tour starts at 11:00.  Oh did I mention they’ll have a real military truck there!  It’s going to be a blast.  I’ll be there with more info regarding our crazy, fun, social middle school group!  For more info, here’s the link!


Happy Schooling!


Barnes and Noble Teen Book Festival, June 10-12

Hi everyone!  Check out this free weekend event going on at B&N this coming weekend geared towards 13+.  All stores will have various teen authors and fun events, games, trivia, prizes, free books and more.   There’s even a development workshop on Sunday teaching kiddos how to write a log line and create a spark page.  It’s all FREE!  Check out the link below to find out which author will be where and more…


~ Christina

Free Online Math – K-12

Who doesn’t need free lesson assignments?! This site offers online problem solving lessons.  There is no lecture so that’s up to you, but if you are needing to assess what you taught you might like what you find here!