Calling all student scientists!

NASA needs your help! They are looking for students and citizen scientists to help gather information for the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st. There’s an app you download that will take you through the steps. What a great way to teach hands on science!  Check out this link for more information!



~ Christina

Well hello…

Here it is at the end of June and I don’t think I have even had a moment to recover from this past school year.  As you know we don’t “officially” school in the summer, but spend time trying new things through camps, road trips, or some days just a hike.  But I tell ya, I haven’t even looked into my crystal ball to see what’s coming for August and that is SO unlike me.  I’m one of those that have the texts for the coming year picked out by April and by now normally have at least the first month planned, but this year (7th grade) was tough y’all.  It wasn’t just some of the academics were tough, but dealing with a middle schooler who oozes across the counter top when I mentioned the term “math”, or did everything but what needed to get done. Sigh. I’ve heard the stories about teens and maybe somewhere deep inside I thought I might escape that truth, but someone is laughing somewhere if they watched my reality show this school year.  In retrospect, I know where it could have gone better and been done differently, and believe me I am already making plans to correct that this coming year, but what I don’t know is when I am not going to feel so tired from it!  Do anyone of you homeschool but feel like you’re never home?  Yea, like that.

So here I sit, finding strength in my coffee, trying to get back on track and figure out which part of the mountain I start climbing first.  For those of you beginning the middle school years, the most unsolicited advice I can give you is to allow yourself extra time to finish assignments.  The work takes longer to process and some days the tantrums are reminiscent of a toddler (I say that lovingly).  There’s a lot of emotion here and not just from having to do schoolwork.  So I wish you the strength of a village and to keep in mind there are survivors that have come before us 🙂

Happy summer!



LEGOLAND Homeschool Week

Hi everyone!  Is it really already September?!  I have been in the middle of a major renovation at my house (you know one of those that started small and then you decide to go big and one week become 5 weeks)?!  SO needless to say schooling, living, sleeping, etc. has been a challenge at our house this month, but dare I say we are approaching completion.  We have only managed to have one science experiment create a huge mess in our small space so I guess I’m doing something right.  If you are like me and need to get out of your house, LEGOLAND is hosting a homeschool week September 12-16th and includes an educational workshop.  You can purchase discounted tickets ($10 for adult or child) for the event.  You do need to purchase in advance!  Have fun.

~ Christina

Free Texas Parks & Wildlife Lesson Plans

I happen to really love Texas Parks, well all state parks in general.  We’re one of those families that when we are on the road we try to visit as many as we can.  Aside from the great Junior Ranger programs the parks offer, Texas Parks offers a wide variety of free lesson plans, printables, etc. for all grade levels.  I will say it does take a bit of browsing since there are so many, but what another great way to get out of the house!  When you look at this link, also notice the “Keep Texas Wild Lesson Plans” link on the website for even more lessons.

Here’s the link!


Happy Homeschooling!

~ Christina

Barnes and Noble Teen Book Festival, June 10-12

Hi everyone!  Check out this free weekend event going on at B&N this coming weekend geared towards 13+.  All stores will have various teen authors and fun events, games, trivia, prizes, free books and more.   There’s even a development workshop on Sunday teaching kiddos how to write a log line and create a spark page.  It’s all FREE!  Check out the link below to find out which author will be where and more…


~ Christina