Summer Reading Kick Off Event

Hi everyone!

5 area libraries and BISD are hosting a huge summer reading kick off event Saturday, June 3rd from 10am-1pm at the Birdville Fine Arts/Athletic Center.  The event is free and will have an animal petting zoo, free books for children (while supplies last), a big vehicle exploration zone, a giant slide, an obstacle, plus arts and crafts and more!  For information, you can call 817-427-6818.

Barnes and Noble Teen Book Festival, June 10-12

Hi everyone!  Check out this free weekend event going on at B&N this coming weekend geared towards 13+.  All stores will have various teen authors and fun events, games, trivia, prizes, free books and more.   There’s even a development workshop on Sunday teaching kiddos how to write a log line and create a spark page.  It’s all FREE!  Check out the link below to find out which author will be where and more…


~ Christina

Happy April…Already!!

March flew by that’s for sure and now we are entering the “What’s the Plan for Next Year” mode.  In our house we take homeschooling year by year, evaluate what’s working, and figure out how to revamp what is not.  Oh, and it’s the time of year all the groups I am in become swamped with hundreds of “for sale” adds overwhelming me with the massive variety of curriculum and texts out there.  Which for a few brief seconds make me panic and wonder “am I doing enough?”  Do you ever have that problem?  My first stopping point is because I really love how they show you their suggested texts for each grade level.  This is the site where I discovered my all time favorite math curriculum, Teaching Textbooks (non-secular, very interactive, grades it for you) and my favorite history books America the Beautiful (secular, great reading, great activities for each chapter) amongst so many others.  I also pick up my science kits and other things like puzzles here. I don’t usually do the bundles but they are probably some of the best ones I’ve seen out there. So I can say we are ahead of the curve as I have already picked out what I wanted for my soon to be 7th grader and headed over to Amazon to fill in the other areas I think are needed. We are taking on few extra classes next year outside of the home in addition to choir and PE so next year should be interesting to say the least!   Now, I find myself staring out the pile trying to find encouragement to tackle what’s inside them which is exactly why we take the summer off to reboot and refresh.  Bless those who teach non-stop!

Do you have any favorite, go-to sites when you are looking in to your crystal ball for the year to come?  Share them here if so… 🙂


Yay it’s December!

Once upon a time I taught public school and December was a magical, stressful time of year for students, parents, and teachers.  I mean, we were always running crazy with the sweet excitement of things to come, the stress of things that may not come, and juggling all those wonderful Christmas events and opportunities that we set out to do but never came to fruition because well, we’re just worn out by then.

However, since we started homeschooling, December has become that magical month and for me personally my reboot and regroup month.  We typically school through the first week of December and then we take the remainder of the month off…technically.  This is the month I stray from the day to day academics and fill up our days with holiday baking (aka – math, science, reading), we make as many field trips as we can (we just got back from seeing Miracle on 34th Street at Dallas Children’s Theater and coming up is Frosty at Casa), we visit Christmas displays (here’s our history and culture), and see holiday lights (we just found a local neighborhood that has Twas the Night Before Christmas story throughout the neighborhood, but in a cute Texas version – cue literary lessons) we sing songs, and well we bond.  Do you know how good it feels to bond with a middle schooler?  It’s awesome!

In the meantime, I’ve started a middle school group at the Center for Home Education.  Unscripted, social time.  We have a Bunco night the 2nd Friday of every month, we have done a Pizza and Pumpkin night where the kids carved/painted pumpkins and ate pizza, and then recently we had a Gingerbread House decorating night and more pizza.  The last event we had 25 kids ages 10-13 and it was a messy, awesome night.  The academic classes are great but any chances for my kiddo to talk, talk, talk is definitely welcome.

Oh yes, I mentioned this month is my reboot month.  Even with all the above, I take some days out of the month to look into my crystal ball for the spring.  I revisit what has worked well so far this year, what parts of our schedule will be different and prep for that, and then I look at what I need to accomplish.  Also, since my daughter is athletic I have to start looking and planning for try outs in the spring. Whew! Math is about the only set curriculum I follow (Teaching Textbooks), but with the rest I use the TEKS and pull a variety of resources to accomplish it all. Sometimes it requires homework on my end to make it happen.  I really think this time helps me keep my sanity, what little bit is left! 🙂

Okay, I’m off to cuddle with my Nook!  Good night!