You’re invited to a Back 2 School Bash!

There’s an awesome Back 2 School Bash coming up August 18th from 10am-2pm.  Lots of vendors, events, speakers, and more.  Space is limited, so register your family in advance!


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~ Christina

State Fair Homeschool Tickets

Hi everyone!  It’s that time of year to submit your requests for your FREE homeschool tickets to the State Fair in the fall.  Words of advice…follow the directions exactly, do it before the deadline, and just know they won’t come in the mail until right before the Fair starts.  In the past, homeschool days have been on Thursdays (which has usually been the half-price food days too) and your teacher ticket is good anytime.  🙂

2017 Home School Ticket Request Guidelines

***Please Note:  The deadline date for making your request has moved to the middle of May****

All requests must be made in writing. No requests made by phone or e-mail will be accepted.

You can submit a request anytime between March 1, 2017 and May 12, 2017.

The program is for K thru 12th grade. To be eligible, Kindergarteners must be 5 by September 29, 2017. We do not have a ticket program for children younger than Kindergarten/age 5. 

The program is for families living in Texas within a 100 mile radius of the Fairgrounds.  Each family must submit individually to avoid duplicate requests.  We do not accept requests from home school groups or associations.

Your request letter should include your name, mailing address, email address and phone number(s). The letter should be computer printed or neatly hand written for clarity. Including an email address and daytime phone number is necessary for us to contact you in the event you neglect to include all required information.

Include BOTH the ages and grade levels of each student as they will be when the Fair opens on September 29th, 2017. Name of student is not necessary. Requests without this information will be returned unfilled.

We can send one teacher ticket per family. If you would like a teacher ticket, please include that request in your letter. There is no such thing as a principal ticket.

Include a business size (#10– measures 4 1/8” X 9 ½”) envelope with one first class stamp ($0.49 postage). Please DO NOT address the envelope in any way as we will print address labels. The envelope must be business size because of the length of the tickets.

All requests must be POSTMARKED AND COMPLETE by the deadline date of Friday, May 12, 2017.  Incomplete requests and requests arriving after this date will be returned unfilled.

Mail your request to:

State Fair of Texas
Attn: Lisa Boubel
PO Box 150009
Dallas, TX  75315

If you have any further questions, please contact Lisa Boubel at 214-421-8737 or by e-mail at

Teaching with movies

Looking for free curriculum?  Check out the Homeschool Movie Club.  They have put together free curriculum for the upcoming A Dog’s Purpose (as well as offering other movie lessons). Homeschool movie theater day is coming January 27th and a day our community set records with viewing A Dolphin’s Tale.  What a great way to continue to make our presence known and show them how much fun school can be!

For more information, visit

Happy Homeschooling!



Dallas Stars Homeschool Day!

The Dallas Stars are hosting a Homeschool Day, December 6th beginning at 6:30pm at the AA Center.  Ticket prices are discounted quite a bit from regular tickets, and vary depending on where you choose to sit.  Each ticket purchased includes: A tour of the American Airlines Center, learning how math, science and geography play a role in the NHL, an entry for a chance to win a special Stars experience, and a ticket to the game (Dallas vs. Calgary) that evening at 7:30pm.  To purchase individual tickets, visit and use the promo code HOMESCHOOL.  For groups of 9+, contact Alex at or 214-387-5718.




Yay it’s December!

Once upon a time I taught public school and December was a magical, stressful time of year for students, parents, and teachers.  I mean, we were always running crazy with the sweet excitement of things to come, the stress of things that may not come, and juggling all those wonderful Christmas events and opportunities that we set out to do but never came to fruition because well, we’re just worn out by then.

However, since we started homeschooling, December has become that magical month and for me personally my reboot and regroup month.  We typically school through the first week of December and then we take the remainder of the month off…technically.  This is the month I stray from the day to day academics and fill up our days with holiday baking (aka – math, science, reading), we make as many field trips as we can (we just got back from seeing Miracle on 34th Street at Dallas Children’s Theater and coming up is Frosty at Casa), we visit Christmas displays (here’s our history and culture), and see holiday lights (we just found a local neighborhood that has Twas the Night Before Christmas story throughout the neighborhood, but in a cute Texas version – cue literary lessons) we sing songs, and well we bond.  Do you know how good it feels to bond with a middle schooler?  It’s awesome!

In the meantime, I’ve started a middle school group at the Center for Home Education.  Unscripted, social time.  We have a Bunco night the 2nd Friday of every month, we have done a Pizza and Pumpkin night where the kids carved/painted pumpkins and ate pizza, and then recently we had a Gingerbread House decorating night and more pizza.  The last event we had 25 kids ages 10-13 and it was a messy, awesome night.  The academic classes are great but any chances for my kiddo to talk, talk, talk is definitely welcome.

Oh yes, I mentioned this month is my reboot month.  Even with all the above, I take some days out of the month to look into my crystal ball for the spring.  I revisit what has worked well so far this year, what parts of our schedule will be different and prep for that, and then I look at what I need to accomplish.  Also, since my daughter is athletic I have to start looking and planning for try outs in the spring. Whew! Math is about the only set curriculum I follow (Teaching Textbooks), but with the rest I use the TEKS and pull a variety of resources to accomplish it all. Sometimes it requires homework on my end to make it happen.  I really think this time helps me keep my sanity, what little bit is left! 🙂

Okay, I’m off to cuddle with my Nook!  Good night!



Not Back To School Day!

Ah, it’s the end of summer and time for our schedule to start up again.  My local homeschool group (Keller Homeschoolers) kicked off the school year with a homeschool party at one of our local splash pads.  I can’t emphasize how great it is to see familiar faces and welcome new ones at gatherings like these.  It’s also a great way to find out about programs, classes, successes, and challenges of things you might be considering.  Oh, and did I mention the food.  I like food and since we all bring something, I’m pretty happy all the way around… 🙂  What are some of your traditions for kicking off school?

Summertime blues

Whew! I swear the summer just started a few weeks ago and I feel like I have looked up only to find it’s time to work out our fall schedule, make sure I have the details about upcoming field trips, and get registered for any classes we might need, and on and on! We do not school year round like some of you brave souls. But our summer is full of camps. This year we participated in a Jr. Lifeguard class, a Girl Scout Camp, and College for Kids at TCC (which is typically 3 weeks of academic classes that she self-selected but doesn’t realize it’s “school”). While we have a few parent/student class meetings to attend a littler earlier than we start, we will be officially kicking off 6th grade August 31st.  Are you guys ready?! I wonder, when you begin a new year what do you do to celebrate?