You’re invited to a Back 2 School Bash!

There’s an awesome Back 2 School Bash coming up August 18th from 10am-2pm.  Lots of vendors, events, speakers, and more.  Space is limited, so register your family in advance!


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~ Christina

Texas Tulip Farm is now open

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share that the Texas Tulip farm is now open.  We went last year on a Thursday and had such a great experience.  It wasn’t busy and we really got to take our time looking at all the different tulip varieties and then we got to cut and create a beautiful bouquet.  Oh, and what better place than to also take great pics of the kiddos.  We were there for about an hour and half total.  We brought our own cutters but they provide a basket. At the end they wrap your flowers for the trip to home.  Now I heard the place is crazy on the weekends, so I would recommend trying this for a weekday trip.  It would also be great to pack a lunch!

Just a few of our pics from last year…

Dallas Arboretum Homeschool Day

The Aboretum is hosting their annual spring homeschool day February 13th.  They are offering classes for students ages 5-12 or you can just enter and take the self-guided tour.  The theme this year is water.  For more information and to register, please visit their website at

Dallas Stars Homeschool Day!

The Dallas Stars are hosting a Homeschool Day, December 6th beginning at 6:30pm at the AA Center.  Ticket prices are discounted quite a bit from regular tickets, and vary depending on where you choose to sit.  Each ticket purchased includes: A tour of the American Airlines Center, learning how math, science and geography play a role in the NHL, an entry for a chance to win a special Stars experience, and a ticket to the game (Dallas vs. Calgary) that evening at 7:30pm.  To purchase individual tickets, visit and use the promo code HOMESCHOOL.  For groups of 9+, contact Alex at or 214-387-5718.




LEGOLAND Homeschool Week

Hi everyone!  Is it really already September?!  I have been in the middle of a major renovation at my house (you know one of those that started small and then you decide to go big and one week become 5 weeks)?!  SO needless to say schooling, living, sleeping, etc. has been a challenge at our house this month, but dare I say we are approaching completion.  We have only managed to have one science experiment create a huge mess in our small space so I guess I’m doing something right.  If you are like me and need to get out of your house, LEGOLAND is hosting a homeschool week September 12-16th and includes an educational workshop.  You can purchase discounted tickets ($10 for adult or child) for the event.  You do need to purchase in advance!  Have fun.

~ Christina

Want to learn more about homeschooling?

Happy summer!  I can’t believe it’s already July and I already feel so far behind 🙂  Tomorrow (7/7/16) is a great opportunity to learn more about homeschooling or just learn more about the groups and things to do that are offered in your area.  The Center for Home Education is having an open house tomorrow and the opportunity to check out the campus, meet the teachers, and learn about the fun things that go on there is happening.   If you aren’t familiar with the Center, they offer classes K-12, and extra curricular things like theatre, cooking, music, etc. in a college campus type setting. The ribbon cutting ceremony starts at 10:30, tour starts at 11:00.  Oh did I mention they’ll have a real military truck there!  It’s going to be a blast.  I’ll be there with more info regarding our crazy, fun, social middle school group!  For more info, here’s the link!


Happy Schooling!


Sometimes it’s hard!!!

Wow, I’ve been gone way too long!  I’m so sorry, but this past month has really rocked and rolled.  We headed off to Disney for a nice stay and little did my kiddo know I turned Epcot into school.  I mean what better way than to visit 20 countries in 2 days?!  Here’s what she doesn’t know…  First, it was the Food & Wine Festival.  For me it’s a magical time of year when samplings from all over the world are rolled out and paired with delicious adult beverages all in bite size, small sip forms.  I’m already in a good mood the minute I hit the park.  BUT for her, this trip become about an adventure.  We got there, grabbed the “food passport” book (this little book that looks like a menu, lists the countries by food, and allows you to collect stamps from each one you’ve tried) and I set some guidelines.  We are going on an trip, we are looking to brave new cultures, new cuisines, and pretend we don’t have access to tacos and hamburgers!  She needed to pick 2 items that really challenged her and then together as a family we narrowed down the countries!  We sang in Mexico, danced in Africa, tried chocolates from Germany, tried clothing from Tokyo, watched lumberjacks carve wood in Canada, and even got henna tattoos in Morrocco!  And the food….drum roll please….her 2 picks were the Escargot Croissant rolls with garlic and parsley from France, and the Beijing roasted duck in a steamed bun with hoisin sauce.   I was sooo proud, she took a bite of both and stated loudly that she could check snails off her “bucket list” Ha!

Our family truly loves Epcot when you have the time to really partake in the people there.  Disney hosts college students in each country as part of it’s college program, so you end up with a truly unique experience. BUT with all that fun, we had to come home…

2 days after we got home all of us came down with respiratory infections, followed by bronchitis, and now the stomach bug.  Hmm, we’ve had 2 weeks off on top of Disney so this month has just dwindled down the drain..

So we’re gonna get back at it, hit the books a little harder, and hold on to some good memories!